Quartz Facet Guide

Learn about the cuts of lemon quartz.


Lemon quartz is readily available in large sizes - you can find some big baubles with Lemon Quartz.

How do you cut quartz?

Cutting is kind of a misnomer - because the facet cuts are actually grinded on there. Imagine a wheel with something like sandpaper spinning, and the lapidary expert would place the stone against the spinning wheel and grind each facet away. To get a smooth finish, they would use a different polishing wheel. Quartz is initially shaped into what is called pre-form. This is like a rough grinding and shaping. Then, with a much higher degree of polish the rest of the stone is grinded away. Usually the person who pre-forms is different from the person who does the final polish.


Lemon quartz can be cut into all kinds of shapes including round, oval, octagonal, cushion, square, trillion, rectangular, and more.

Fancy Cutting Techniques

Lemon quartz is often cut with a fancy technique too (because the material is so affordable and abundant). It can be cut with a laser-design in the pavilion. It can be cut with a checkerboard face. It can also be concave cut -- which means putting concaved facets (with a special machine) usually on the pavilion of the stone. This caused extra dispersion of light giving the gem a real brilliant flash.


The proportion of the stone - that is the angles of the facets and symmetry - are going to have a major impact on the beauty. A stone that is cut too shallow, can look like a window. A stone can also be out of symmetry, which detracts from the way light bounces off the facets.


The polish is also another factor in evaluating the cutting. Each facet should be polished smooth -- you should not see any marks on the facet -- which can be there if it was a rushed cutting job.

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