Lemon Quartz Folklore

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Lemon quartz is readily available in large sizes - you can find some big baubles with Lemon Quartz.

What can lemon quartz do for me?

Do you have a problem controlling evil thoughts? This is not only thoughts about someone you dislike, this can be anything from self-limiting beliefs, thoughts that cause anxiety (always thinking about what may go wrong instead of what my go right), and any other bad thoughts.

Lemon quartz can protect you from these evil thoughts. If you feel depressed, maybe you should try to wear some lemon quartz, or keep it close by - in your pocket, desk drawer, or nightstand. You should consult a doctor to get a diagnosis and treatment plan for your condition.

Watch out for snakes! Ha!

Well... lemon quartz is supposed to protect from snake venom -- but trust me; don't take any chances. Beware of snakes... keep your distance.

Lemon quartz is ideal for jewelry. Either in silver or gold jewelry, lemon quartz is usually cut in large sizes (as in 5 carats and up). It is being used in bold gemstone jewelry because it is easy and affordable to use a large lemon quartz (whereas other stones are simply not available or affordable in large sizes - like diamonds).

Pattern Breakers

Have you ever heard of a gratitude rock? If you have, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. Use your lemon quartz to break any negative thought patterns you may have. Your thoughts are the compass for your life. Whenever you see your lemon quartz, let the negative thoughts release and think about what you are grateful for... think about the things in your life that make you feel lucky. Try this at least twice a day (when you put on your lemon quartz in the morning, and when you take it off at night.

Want to learn more about the mineral?

Check our mineral information to learn the scientific properties of lemon quartz (aka green gold and lemon citrine).

Where can you buy lemon quartz?

Lemon quartz is available in many jewelry stores that carry semi-precious gemstone jewelry.

Check out our lemon quartz price guide for an idea of what lemon quartz should cost.

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